GLO Dishwashing Liquid Refill Pack 850ml
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Size (L x W x H) 32 cm x 17 cm x 11 cm
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Lime or lemon scent.

Enjoy the powerful grease removal action in the fresh aroma of lemon and juicy lime. Glo dishwashing liquid is 100% effective in grease removal. • Glo Lemon Concentrated is prepared using a specially formulated formula that shines and cleans your dishes. • It is efficient in removing stubborn grease on your dishes, while also eliminating any unwanted odours, resulting in clean, fresh and non-grease dishes that are ready to be used again, looking brand new. • 100% effective grease removal • Anti-odour. • Concentrated liquid for stronger effect. • Zesty lime scent.

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GLO Dishwashing Liquid Refill Pack 850ml